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Below you can find a choice of extremely powerful guided meditations in MP3 format specially designed by Platinum Mind University teachers.

These incredibly effective and very popular mp3 are unique to us and you will not find them anywhere else.

We also offer custom made guided meditations tailored to your needs.

When purchasing, please remember to include your email address to which MP3 files will be sent to.

Easy Sleep Meditation
This guided meditation will help you to easily fall asleep after a stressful and strenuous day. Not only will it help you to achieve a balanced and relaxed state of mind, but also will help you to rebuild your natural strength to increase your energy level night by night.

Thanks to the unique meditation structure, after a calm sleep, in the morning you will feel energised, rejuvenated and ready to start each day in a happy way.

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The Time Is NOW


If you feel that it is time to change your life, make an important decision or take a big step forward, this meditation is something you are looking for. At certain times we all need that ‘one extra push’, a dose of courage, inspiration and faith to make our dreams come true.

This meditation has been created to help you unlock your hidden potential to create the life you desire, overcome anxiety, hesitation and transform your perception to make things happen.

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The Complete Chakras Meditation

chakras crop

This meditation is designed to cleanse and balance all your chakras, increasing at the same time your general energy awareness and strengthening your aura.

This meditation will be the most beneficial for beginners, helping them to gain confidence working with chakras.

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Energy Streams Meditation


This meditation is equally useful for beginners as well as more advanced listeners. Its purpose is to learn about your ‘Central Energy System’ – the subtle channels through which energy flows into your chakras and all parts of your physical body. Any disruptions impeding a healthy energy flow through the channels usually result in lower vitality, chronic fatigue and problems with memory and concentration. It is therefore very important to check the state of your energy channels regularly.

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