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All the Diamond Tablet articles and blogs have been written for those seeking guidance in order to follow their own spiritual path.

About Platinum Mind University

What do many of us really want to achieve in our lives? Most of the things we acquire in life only give us temporary happiness or gratification because the joy of new acquisitions such as new clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery or even cars or businesses is only temporal. Even so, the hit or kick from adding to our pile of “stuff” can be addictive. In a similar way non-physical attributes like social status, power, money or fame can also give us that temporary buzz or fix that feels good for a limited period. Such things though are only ever transitory and never fill the inner need for a deeper sense of personal fulfilment.

Platinum Mind University exists to provide guidance, help and support to those who seek something more meaningful and spiritual in their lives. We are more concerned with who you really are than your social status or job title. All of us are seekers on life’s journey and we all move at our own pace as we look for answers to the big questions like ‘what am I here for?’ and ‘what is my true destiny?’

Although it might seem that the answers to such questions can never be found the good news is that there is a way to access this ‘hidden’ information and use it beneficially to transform our lives. As teachers and guides we are here to help you understand things like karma, reincarnation, healing energies, spiritual laws and more importantly how to use this knowledge to grow and develop as individuals.

Our aim is to help everyone develop in their own unique way by helping them to understand and follow their true life goals. We do this by teaching effective ways of achieving these goals and also by teaching secret skills and forgotten ancient knowledge that benefit both the individual and society at large.

Platinum Mind University is in essence the bridge between the everyday physical world and the higher spiritual dimensions that follow very specific and immutable laws. These are laws that can be learned and used to find inner balance, harmony and direction in life.

If you are a traveller on life’s path who seeks to lead a more spiritual, holistic and fulfilled life then get in touch soon. We look forward to meeting you.

About the Founder

The founder Jane Ellsworth, is a London based spiritual guide and healer who, for over fifteen years, has been helping people all over the world to find and fulfil their spiritual destiny. Her extensive range of skills includes energy healing, astrology, numerology, colour-therapy, astro-minerology, karma-therapy, habitational healing, spiritual awareness and self-defence, feng-shui, runecraft, NLP and other verbal disciplines.

The articles and unique graphic material are copyrighted and should not be distributed without the author’s permission.
[With exception of parables and generic inspirational images in the blog.]



1 Comment

  1. Simon Lestrange says:

    Jane is authentic and her work is outstanding. I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone confused about spiritual matters.

    Dr. Simon Lestrange – Travel Writer and Entrepreneur

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