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12 Simple Self-Diagnosis Techniques – How To Tell If You Have Been Attacked By An Entity

Let’s face it – these days we are more exposed to negative energies than our ancestors have ever been. What is more, we seem to have less tools is our arsenal to protect ourselves than they did. This is why a surprising number of people is being affected by negative attacks of some kind, which in our society are often neglected until the situation gets really bad.

To get attacked you don’t have to be involved in any occult activities, magic orders and so like. Energy parasites are very common, they are pretty much like ordinary vermin, hovering about freely. That means that you can catch them in the street, on the bus or talking to the people affected – their spread is similar to those of bacteria in that sense.

The lack of knowledge about the subject often leads people to mistakenly label the symptoms of overshadowing (overshadowing means that a person has a negative energy parasite attached to him, but it is not yet a full-blown possession case) as mental diseases, which is not helping victims at all. Spiritual sources introduce even more confusion, by trying to classify indiscriminately all energy-related issues as the ‘kundalini syndrome’.

Once you know the facts through, no one will be able to fool or confuse you. Below are listed the most typical symptoms of an entity attack.

  • The most prominent symptom is problems with sleep: if you regularly have mightmares, bad dreams or night terrors, it should alert you straight away that something is not right
  • You often feel pressure on your head, especially when meeting other people or in the evening
  • You constantly feel low on energy, regardless of your lifestyle and diet; apathy stops you from doing even the things you used to love
  • Your vision appears somewhat blurry
  • You started being prone to confusion (when you lose grip on reality and everything around seems surreal) and anxiety attacks, sometimes you may feel like if you are losing your mind
  • When you close your eyes, sometimes you may see scary or distorted faces and visions appear before your mind’s eye
  • You suddenly started having strange urges or compulsory desires to say something evil or to act strange (do something which is not typical for you, often something upsetting or leading to self-mutilation)
  • Church music, icons and other religious paraphernalia may cause intensification of the symptoms above or give you bad headaches
  • Your memory has suddenly started showering you with some traumatic memories (an unrequited love, acts of cruelty, childhood traumas etc) which you thought you have long since forgotten about. Now they appear very vivid in front of you and you are forced to re-live those situations again, which causes you lots of pain. Even small things can become traumatic and keep being replayed again and again in your mind (to other people it may appear like you are having sudden and intense mood swings.)
  • You are having strange bodily sensations like pain with no obvious source, which suddenly starts and ends, or itching/tingling under the skin
  • You have thoughts appearing in your mind which feel to you foreign and invasive, and don’t feel like your own, especially suicidal and homicidal thoughts
  • People seem to avoid you, even old friends quietly draw away

If you find any of the above symptoms in you, first of all – don’t panic. All these signs are only temporary and reversible if treated.

Sometimes the social conditioning or a doctor’s opinion make you think that you are ‘going insane’ – get that thought straight out of your head. There is most likely absolutely nothing wrong with your mind, and it is probably doing its best to cope with the energy parasite.

As with every syndrome, don’t let this brew for too long, because the more time you give the entity, the stronger its grip may get and the more your quality of life may deteriorate as the result of it.

You can get effective and professional help by contacting me, but there are also some things you can do to alleviate your symptoms or even to get rid of the entity on your own, using the resources you’ve got.

The practical steps are explained in more details in my next article here.


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