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Spiritual Rules for Star Warriors

Spiritual Rules - The Commandments

These spiritual rules are uncovered and published online for the first time.Spiritual Rules for Star Warriors

  1. Act in accordance with your Higher Self at all times.
  2. Guard yourself from evil on all levels. Fill your actions, words or thoughts with Light. Keep both your spirit and your body healthy, active and strong.
  3. Always remember your true purpose.
  4. Do not connive at evil, stop it spreading in every way you can.
  5. Do not squander your time and your power; use them as they are intended.
  6. Always share your Light with others and guide those who are lost. Protect those who are unable to protect themselves, but never against their will.
  7. Keep your mind and intuition sharp and perfectly balanced. Never let one of them lead you astray by overshadowing another.
  8. Do not withhold from fight when necessary, but do not take pleasure from it.
  9. Do not damage the spirit, the body or any other possession of another being, or any element of this world, being guided by low emotions.
  10. Respect others’ free will.

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