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How to protect yourself and your home from negative influences

Following these simple advices you can minimise the influence of negative energies on your life. You will be amazed what a great difference to your wellbeing remembering these very basic rules can make.

  • Don’t keep cracked tableware, vases or glass objects and home, especially cracked or chipped mirrors.
  • Avoid picking up metal items, like coins from the street – they can be purposely dropped there by someone in order to get rid of negative energy –which may be then transferred onto you.
  • Remember that stuffed animals (especially predatory) and animal skins can radiate bad energy and can be potentially dangerous, especially in the bedroom.
  • Try not to give your photos to people you don’t know well.
  • Maintain your own hygiene and that of your home – don’t collect random things you don’t use, keep your dwelling clean and tidy throughout.
  • Be careful when bringing souvenirs from exotic countries into your house – especially masks and statues – their alien energy can disrupt the harmony in your home.
  • Don’t lend your personal things to other people – especially jewellery and shoes – they can return to you with harmful energy.
  • Do know buy or wear clothes which come from someone who has died – clothes hold negative energy very well.
  • After coming back from a stressful meeting, having an argument or visiting a bionegative place (like a cemetery), always take shower and quickly and possible and wash all your clothes. Also wipe your shoes with a wet cloth to make sure that you remove all traces of harmful energy.
  • Do not display in your house photos of people who you don’t have good connections with (like the members of your family about whom you know that they don’t think of you well.) Keep those hidden away.
  • Small children and teenagers should sleep in a separate room from the older people.
  • If you like buying things from antique shops (especially mirrors, jewellery or bedroom furniture) always check them with a candle for any negative energy traces. You don’t know what kind of people owned the object before or what they were doing with it. Light a candle (it should be wax or at least white) and walk with it around the object (if it’s big) or just place the candle in front of it. Make sure that all windows are closed and observe the flame. If its burning steadily and brightly, the object is safe. If the flame keeps shaking, throwing around sparkles or (in the worst case) goes off the object will need a professional energy cleaning before it can be used.

Remember – it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you are not sure about some objects you own or you need a professional energy advice, you can always contact us for help.


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