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How To Recognise Your Soulmate

Many people are starting to realise that to achieve real happiness they need to find their ‘second half’ – not just a partner, but their real soulmate.

I noticed that the available information about soulmates is scarce and somewhat confusing, if not contradictory, so I think it would be useful to have a clear reliable guide for those who are looking for their true love.


The knowledge about soulmates is centuries old, firstly finding its manifestation in different myths and legends about androgyny, who were so perfect and so happy that the envious gods decided to split them in two halves doomed to spend their days looking for each other.

So what is happening here? Our Universe is built on the polarity principle, which you can see in every aspect of Being – plus and minus, Yin and Yang, hot and cold and so on. To lead a perfectly harmonious, fulfilled and inspirational life, we need our second half who will give us the right balance. We all subconsciously remember that (hence the tendency to find a partner), but unfortunately many have forgotten than not any member of the opposite sex ‘will do.’

Being with the wrong partner means suffer and inability for both people involved to find their real soulmate and therefore their real love and happiness. This happens because not matter how much we may try to lie to ourselves and convince yourselves that ‘everything is fine’, there will be a small voice in the background send by our subconscious saying that it’s not actually ‘fine’ and making us guilty about the choice we are making; that feeling of guilt is often one of the catalysts of a breakup.

Despite some sources are trying to promote and idea of ‘multiple soulmates’, each of us have only one true soulmate, as we have only one body and one soul, not a selection of them. Beware of confusing the Sleepings you may meet (see my article here) with soulmates; you may feel strongly attracted to them, but it is not at all the same.

So how do you know when you meet your real soulmate?

There are a few things to look out for. Firstly, that person will share your likes and dislikes in an uncanny way (you may find that you keep ordering the same food in the restaurant, accidently buy the same things, never have to argue how to spend a weekend or where to go on holiday – as we both love the same things.) Being with your soulmate feels happy and natural, you don’t need to make an effort to impress of be your best – in fact, you can be completely yourself at all times and they will love it. You will never have to worry that your soulmate may be cheating on you when you are away for too long – you will find them patiently waiting for you and sending your lots of messages each day. Your soulmate will be as much in love with you as you are with him/her, so no other person will ever exist for them.

You life will resemble a fairytale – you will want to live in the same type of an area, watch the same film genre, go to the same concerts, read the same books – and at the same time learn a lot from each other. Despite having many similarities you will see things from slightly different angels, which will make your life and relationship ever-fascinating and enriching.

You will feel a strong connection between the two of you, to an extent that you will often understand without words what the other person wants to say and feel when they are happy/stressed/worried even if you are miles away. You may often have ‘joint dreams’ when your dreams are the same and you can remember in the morning what you said to each other in your dreams.

If you are spiritually conscious, you may experience an even more profound closeness – when being with your soulmate you can feel how you are actually ‘meting together’ becoming one. It is a feeling that is difficult to describe but you will know immediately once you have experienced it. It will feel like you are in your body and at the same time you are your soulmate, too – and they will feel the same. You will also find it difficult to stay away from each other for long.

Together with that feeling there will come a peace of mind and serenity – because you will be absolutely certain that your soulmate will never cheat on you or think of leaving you for anyone else. You will be their dream, their perfect partner as much as they are yours.

To your surprise, you may discover that thinking about someone non-stop is not tiring at all, quite the reverse, it is uplifting and inspirational. Before meeting your soulmate you may be a convinced single person always telling everyone how you are not interested in getting married; but if you are lucky enough to meet the second half of your soul your subconscious will change your attitude to 180 degrees. I knew an old bachelor who spent all his life guarding his independence – but when he found his soulmate, he wanted to get together the very day they met! They are married now and are one of the happiest couples I know.

This is to say – if someone you are currently with doesn’t seem to be a hurry to marry you – leave them and walk away, they are not meant for you. Remember that your soulmate is somewhere out there looking for you and he/she will be literally bend over backwards to make you his/hers – so why waste time with someone who doesn’t see your full potential and real value?

Another sign of meeting a true soulmate is that with that person you will suddenly feel much stronger, confident and motivated than ever before. You will experience a powerful boost of inspiration and creativity together with the courage to reach for more – and having a constant support from your soulmate you will be able to achieve amazing things. You will see your life transforming as new exciting possibilities are unfolding right in front of you.

Last but not least – a true soulmate will naturally awaken your karmic memory – in other words you will suddenly realise that you have met many times before and you will remember that person from different lives and different times, which will make your bound even stronger and your relationship even more tender and loving.

Now you hopefully understand why finding a soulmate is so important for your happiness, fulfilment and spiritual evolution.

Never settle for anything less.



  1. ozzy says:

    “Your life will resemble a fairy tale”? Please.

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