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Aura Colours Explained

Our auras are a true representation of our inner state – our passions, emotions and preferred activities, as well as our current health.

Depending on our lifestyle and inclinations, we naturally tend to use some chakras more than others; therefore many people usually have a few dominant colours, rather than a balanced scale.

This article explains what the colours in our auras mean.

60425_139927182845988_1706963022_nMostly red – it’s a colour of basic life energy, people with this colour dominating in their auras are usually physically strong, have a high level of vitality and regeneration – if this colour prevails the most suitable career path will be sport, army or any job which requires physical strength. An orange tint indicates sexual energy, creativity and the ability to enjoy life.

Yellow – shows inner power and personal strength. Yellow manifests the energy related to willpower, purpose and self-confidence.

Green – emotional strength, this colour is usually the clearest in children’s auras. It can also indicate healing abilities. Green with a yellow-gold glow shows well balanced and considerate people – they are great doing a job which requires regular, dosed everyday effort – office, customer service, kindergarten, beauty salon.

Light Blue – a high level of intellectual activity, may indicate a well developed logical thinking and mentality. Light blue is a colour of speakers, teachers and singers – all people who use oratory skills in their work.

Dark blue – the colour of inner peace. Such colour often shows in people who are following the path of self-discovery and self-improvement through meditation. People who have this colour prevailing in their auras are often teachers or spiritual teachers; they can achieve understanding on the deeper level. Often the best job for them will be in the scientific filed, everywhere where patience and logic are required the most. Such people prefer to work on their own, rather than in a group and are not afraid of responsibility.

Purple – dominates with people who are extremely spiritual or religious; often with paranormal abilities. This colour indicates highly developed intuition. The higher level of consciousness transforms this colour into bright white light, which is characteristic for a high level healers, clairvoyants and magi. Purple surrounded by a golden lining indicates extremely creative people. They can’t stand routine, monotonous everyday work is killing them. They can in one stroke have done an incredible amount of work, working for many days with no breaks and forgetting about everything else, but then they enter a period of stillness, worn out by the creative outburst.

No living beings in this world have black aura.

A darkened, thinned or distorted aura with dark inclusions is always a warning sign. Such an aura may indicate a looking physical illness, an extreme level of physical/emotional exhaustion or an energy attack. Such cases should be referred to a specialist, which will then be able to detect the source of the unhealthy state and help restore the balance.



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