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Beware! The Dangers Of Being Positive

We hear all around that ‘we must be positive’ whatever life throws at us and no matter how unhappy our circumstances may temporarily be.

I met people who were duly following that rule to the point of fatally damaging their lives. Let’s now look closer at the concept, to understand why we should avoid being brainwashed into it.First of all, let analyse what our emotions and feeling are here for. Why would you feel actually anything at all? Similarly like our bodies can recognise the objects from the outer world to be cold, hot, sharp etc to ensure moving away from the potentially harmful elements to a safe environment, our soul has a similar ‘toolbox’ on a different level. In other words, when we perceive something as negative (unfair, undeserved, unwanted) happening to us, we naturally get upset. Through that experience we learn what we should avoid and what other things (that bring joy, happiness and fulfillment) we should strive towards. In other words, if you are feeling depressed or upset, it is a signal from your inner self that your life is not what it supposed to be. We should read these indicators and act upon them, to choose the right direction for ourselves.

Thanks to the dreaded ‘Law of Attraction’ concept, which is gradually being transformed into a tool of a mental terror, many people are being made guilty for their natural feelings. They are being told that they should stay positive at any cost, even if it feels wrong. “For if you are positive, good things will come to you thank to the Law of Attraction.” Well, this is sadly wrong and I am going to explain now, why.

Of course, a happy, joyful and confident mind will attract events and people into one’s life that correspond with those vibrations. That happens under one condition though – that this state of mind in natural. It has to be a real feeling of joy, resonating with your whole being, both on the conscious and the subconscious level.

The most important kind of freedom is to be who you really are

Unfortunately, people who follow the “Always Positive” idea never actually achieve that. Why? Because if they force themselves to be positive even when they feel that things are going wrong, which leads to self-denial and evisceration of the soul. Imagine if you would keep hitting a part of your body over and over, ignoring the pain – that would normally lead to necrosis of that part. Same thing happens to the soul. You can even trick your conscious mind into believing that everything is just wonderful and perfect, but deep in your subconscious pain will keep accumulating until it turns toxic and starts destroying your body from the inside.

What is even worse, once people accept that rule, they automatically start feeling guilty if you fail to follow it, fail to suppress their real feeling and produce endless fake enthusiasm. That guilt, added to the masses of inner pain, is highly destructive. A person who became a victim to this concept, effectively loses direction, because he doesn’t understand right from wrong anymore, therefore he starts making mistakes which lead to even more pain, entering a vicious circle.

It is useful to know that ‘The Law of Attraction’ – which is simply another word for the law of karma – responds to our subconscious rather than conscious signals. That means that if you are fighting to suppress a soul-destroying pain while putting a fake smile on our face, you may fool people around you, but the laws of karma can never be fooled. According to this rule you will attract what ‘you’ve been asking for’ – more pain, more unhelpful people and more situations which ultimately lead you nowhere.

A happy state of mind that attracts positive events should occur spontaneously, as a sign that you are on the right track; that you are in alignment with your soul purpose. It should be found and not forced.

Learn to respect yourself and your feelings – your faithful hard working helpers – to create the life of YOUR dreams, not someone else’s. If something feels wrong, it probably is. Never let other people to make you feel guilty for not following their rules. Your subconscious knows better, what is right for you. Keep your mind open, look for new avenues and possibilities until you find the one that feels right.



  1. psychfever says:

    I think the idea that putting on a fake smile may attract what “you’ve been asking for” is exactly what happens to me, a sufferer of a chronic illness. Because I try to ignore/replace the feelings of suffering and pain I feel for my friends or potential friends, I end up with people around me who never or rarely offer to help me or who do not understand what’s going on with me or who do not try to understand my illness. If I express with my body language or with my facial expressions how I’m truly feeling, people tend to get it, and in the end, it sounds cheesy, but I’ve learned who I can count on.

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  3. palaniappan s says:

    Thank u sir was wonderful

  4. reikiheidi says:

    Interesting… I recently wrote an article like this on my Facebook page ‘Reiki Rise & Shine’, & talked about the importance of acknowledging, accepting & exploring ALL of our emotions, and not just trying to ‘Be Positive’ all the time.

  5. Serendwr says:

    Thank you. I have struggled with these ‘directives’ myself. I think that this ‘law of attraction’ and ‘must always be positive’ is also a way to blame and shame people for not being perfect. ‘If you were perfectly positive and happy, then nothing bad would happen and no one bad would come into your life, so it is your own darn fault.’ I do not accept this, since many people end up with unhealthy people because they are NOT judgemental, or hateful, and are forgiving and loving and do not push people away who do not meet their expectations, and attract others like moths to flame.

    Also, many childhoods required people to adapt to high drama, or pain, or negative emotions and these people may have no experiences to recognize the difference, and so accept or overlook negative actions which others raised with love and acceptance might realize are unloving and uncomfortable, and so reject.

    So, let others be who they are, but boot them from your life if they aren’t what positive, but accept them as they are, but don’t let them near you, but forgive them, but run from them….??? Too many mixed signals.

    I think much of the ‘do this, do that’ comes from people who are unhealthy to begin with, and are trying to control others so that life meets their expectations and they can avoid facing their own pain, rather than help others..

  6. Shouga says:

    Thank you very much for this article .. I agree with you , Our goal should be to just BE in a state of Natural Balance..neutral, fair, in harmony with our thoughts and feelings and intuition. Life will feel …easy ..if u just surrender to the ups and downs instead of fighting or swimming against the current. I wish everyone is able to live like that, true happiness is being in harmony with nature including the nature of our bodies and souls . LOVE U xoxoShouga

  7. Focault says:

    What does science tell about the Law of Attraction? It tells that LoA doesn’t work. Do you need a proof by scientific evidence? Read this:

    Just let scientists make their own work. For the sake of the truth, for the evolution of our species and our culture,please, don’t mix science with mystical woo.
    People, I will always save my emotions. i’ll never force myself to think positive. I don’t need it. I’ve always earnt from my mistakes and sometimes even sufference was a useful tool for improving my life. I’ll never kick off someone who have negative thinking. I won’t fear to be contaminated by negative thinking, but I’ll hear people’s reasons and I’ll try to offer my help. I don’t program my brain, I just use my heart, in a natural manner. How dare can you struggle for discovering the right way to use LoA, while so many people are starving? Don’t be selfish. If you think that LoA is useful, then try to use it for knowing yourself instead of wishing a new car. My life is wonderful, my wishes are normal. Friends, I don’t need LoA at all.
    There’s nothing more natural than stop for a moment thinking that the little things are the most true ones and they remain inside you and make you feel the warmth, and that is the only reason to look ahead and understand that after all the little things tell you what you are. it is fascinating to dream about a better life. It’s right to try and realize it to not waste a second and feel that i am too part of this world. I say what i’ve always known: life remains the most beautiful thing i have.

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  9. Hmmmm…..This subject just came up last night, when I had enough of a situation, and very strongly, voiced how I truly felt. I thank you for this article. I call the “positve people” “sugar drops”. They make my teeth ache.

    I am all for being JOYfilled, yet, when my back, for example hurts to the point I want to scream, sometimes I do scream. I was taught to “stuff” and no more, no more do I stuff. It is so freeing to be ME. On my good days, on my bad days, and all those days in between as well.

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