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The Moon and Astral Protection

We all know that the Moon has a strong impact on the life on Earth. It influences tides, plants’ growth and also our emotional state. Do you know, that the Moon has also a sacred function?

Blue MoonThe sacred fun function of the Moon is to protect us on the subconscious level and keep away all the nightmares and the horrors of the night.

According to the ancient texts, originally the Earth was supposed to have 3 moons, which would protect us and support on three different levels.

3 moons res

However, due to the cosmic catastrophe that happened when the evil has invaded our Solar system, two of the moons where destroyed. A similar fate shared Phaeton, a planet, that used to exist between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. The main difference was though, that at the time of the catastrophe, Phaeton was already a fully formed planet, while our moons were still in the process of formation from the cosmic dust. Destroying those vulnerable celestial bodies was equal to abortion of unborn babies, which has left a terrible bloody trail in the structure of our world – and the dramatic aftereffects of which we are subject to until this day.

baby moons

For thousands of years that knowledge was believed to be lost, but at the dawn of a new Aquarius era many things come back to light.

This article will help you to realise hidden traps and dangers, as well as vulnerable points of your own subconscious, so you can help yourself and others become free from the negative influences.

Solar system creation

Despite the physical bodies of the moons have annihilated many hundreds of centuries ago, their rhythms and the memory of pain and horror still have impact on us and our lives. In the wake of the rule that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, their cycles, once created, still work. Except now, instead of inner harmony and protection, those dead moons vibrations bring us emotional havoc and nightmares.

The places where they once used to be, are now like open wounds, through which dark energies can come into our world. Therefore they started being called the name of demons, to reflect their distorted nature. Also the only Moon which has survived has been tinged with darkness, as after the catastrophe is has stopped rotating, which means that one side of it is always dark.  People, who went into space and have seen the dark side of the Moon, never returned the way they were before, despite no one of them could clearly explain what exactly they have seen there that affected them so much. In many different traditions we can find reiterated the same thought that the dark side of the Moon is occupied by the demons.

To avoid naive interpretations, I would like to stress here that talking about the ‘demons’ we don’t mean the peculiar looking nasty creatures with tails and horns. Real demons are the existing negative energies, the forces of horror, pain and destruction which are affecting our part of the universe and every person living in it. Such dark energies tend to accumulate in certain areas, turning them into sort of a ‘base’ or a focal point they multiply and spread from.


So the sacred principles of the three original moons were torn apart and distorted, so instead of 3 angels-protectors we supposed to be supported by, now we have to deal with three demonic, destructive principles that ruin our lives.

Now you’re probably asking yourself – “Why would I want to know about all this? I was so happy and comfortable being ignorant and not worrying about any dark influences.” This is a common trap many people fall into.

The truth is, we live in dangerous times, when being informed means being armed and prepared. It is always better to know where the potential danger may come from, to take suitable precautions. People, who don’t try to learn about the principles this world operates on, are akin the blindfolded, who are wondering aimlessly until eventually fall into a hole in the road. They could have easily avoided the hole if they chose to keep their eyes open.

Understanding the potential risks will help you sail safely through your life, making better choices and avoiding the traps.

In the ancient tradition, the three demons which malevolent influence can poison and distort our subconscious, are called Aza, Vizaresh and Astavidat. They create deep rooted subconscious problems, which sometimes can be very strong and push us away from our destined path, inner freedom and happiness.

Aza or Az is a demon of dark lust, but not in the sexual contest. Here we deal with a pointless, aimless, fierce lust of pure destruction, bringing everything to an end. All serial killers, dictators, obsessed with concentration camps, war leaders, who send thousands of people to die – they all can be recognised by a very strong Aza in their horoscopes.


Aza stands for destruction for destruction’s sake. It hates all forms of creation and wants them to annihilate. It is the gate through which there darkest powers can get into this world. Aza creates an atmosphere of paralyzing fear, which makes the person do whatever he is ordered to, thus turning into a living zombie, a marionette in someone else’s hands. Aza is the abyss, which one shouldn’t look into, or otherwise the abyss will start looking into him.

Many social systems and structures and built on the basis of fear, as fear makes people extremely easy to control. Many people shorten their lives by putting themselves in a terrible and stressful situations, which cause depression and sometimes even suicide. For example, carrying on a job which one hates, out of fear of not having a job. Staying married to a person one feels aversion to, just out of fear of being judged by others. Not speaking one’s mind and let terrible things happen, because of the fear of being criticised…. examples are endless. Fear turns people into slaves.

We have to fight these dark tendencies and not let fear influence our lives. The best weapon against it is a sense of humour – laugher activates natural self-defense and at the sound of it fear shrinks and disappears. The more cheerful and humorous the person is, the better he is protected against his subconscious being contaminated by Aza’s influence.


Vizaresh is the name for the dark side of the Moon. Vizaresh is the ruler of all vampires, parasites and all evil forces waking up at night. Unfortunately, due to the evil breaking into our part of the universe, our original, pure nature has been distorted and now we all had to turn into vampires on a certain level. Sounds like something out of ‘Twilight’? Again, finding direct analogies would be misleading here. Parasitic of vampiric attitude means supporting one’s own life through taking energy from another living being. Is it not what we all do, eating meat, poultry and vegetables? We take the life and the energy of another living creature to support one’s own. In the next eras, our physical bodies which start to change, so we can stop being dependent on others and thus develop more our pure angelic part of nature.

For the time being though, we are confined to feeding ourselves on the physical level through taking the lives of other creatures. The ancient texts say that people has never been created as a carnivore specie, that we were able to survive on the energy we produced themselves. Certain mistakes have soiled our structure though, slowly taking us away from that original state towards lower levels of being, until we ended up in a state we live in now. The process of regeneration has started with the new era though, so there is a hope that gradually we will come back to what once has been lost. It is an interesting fact, that almost all children refuse food, as if they remembered that it brings contamination into the purity of their structure.

Also as adults, when we want to recover quicker or clean our bodies from toxins, we often practise fast, which makes us feel considerably better. Now you know why it happens.

Killing other creatures for own survival is a minor sin though, which is not karmically counted against us. What is counted as a sin is taking beyond what we need. There are people popularly called ‘energy vampires‘, which make other people feel unwell and tired in their presence, because they literally ‘suck out’ their life force. Some of them are capable of sucking away the time of someone else’s life, living longer at someone else’s expense. Unfortunately, that often happens in relationships.

Energy vampires are often sexually attractive,because they use their sexuality as a hook to attract their victims. Remember that in a true relationship you should always feel energied, happy and uplifted when being with your partner. If you see the opposite symptoms, you may be dealing with an energy vampire. Don’t feed them, walk away.

Vizaresh’s influence is always there where there is any form of unhealthy dependence – whether we are talking about being in need of someone else’s energy, emotional dependence or drug addiction. All vampires have a strong Vizaresh in their horoscopes.

You need to learn to be strong and independent in your own right – which is a solid base for true self-respect. Do not approach vampires, do not feed them with your energy, resist the temptation on making your life and happiness dependent on external factors, especially if it means taking the resources and life force of someone else.


The last remnant of the destroyed moon is called Astavidat. Its influence brings us such highly exciting concepts as zombies and the living dead, which recently have literally flooded our cinema screens. Astavidat is seen as the Soul Enslaver, because its his influence that causes that the individual dies before death. Benjamin Franklin captured this idea very well in his famous quite: “Many people die at twenty five and aren’t buried until they are seventy five.”

Who gets under the influence of Astavidat, turns from a free spirit into a mindless machine, devoid of life and feelings. A person becomes vulnerable on the subconscious level and open to suggestions that kill his soul. Under the influence of adopted rules and implanted thoughts the person’s attitude changes and he starts doing things, which used to be alien to him. He may seem to lead a normal life, but in reality he loses any control over it, he can’t make free choices anymore and becomes a marionette in someone else’s hands, a conductor of someone else’s will.

When Astavidat is strong in the person’s birthday chart, that means that the person is suggestible and is prone to become a victim of other people’s rules and programmes, in spiritual terms, he can succumb to a demon, which will be acting through that person. It is a very dangerous position, as the person may not realise what is happening to him/her and believe that everything is perfectly normal, when in fact his soul is already dead. People who have become victims of Astavidat lose the ability of living their own lives and the ability to feel. They turn a cold shoulder on a close friend’s pain, will look unaffected at their closest people suffering, won’t care about other people’s feelings, like if their heart was made of stone. A person, who has no strong opinion on their own, can be easily brainwashed into adopting other people’s opinion. The state of apathy, when the person has no strong feelings, interests of beliefs makes him vulnerable and open to the malevolent influences.

It’s important to protect your soul from being devastated and burn out; keep keen interest in life and cultivate the ability to feel, to experience, to get excited. Learn to express your thoughts, put your foot down when choosing the direction of your life, fight for our dreams.


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  1. You know… My spiritual awakening occurred on Jan 2010 and even before that; as a child- I used to have very strong precognitive dreams. I am now 24 and would like to state that with all of the drug experiences I’ve shared with friends and alone, especially with a spiritual intent- nothing has been as hardcore and reality shattering as my last conscious astral experience; which actually occurred earlier on this December 2013. (Just to give a brief overview).

    The last super conscious experience I had within the Astral- there were 3 Moons orbiting the sky. There were two moons which were in constant movement around a larger moon which remained still. Although, its pointless to describe what the dreams were about- I will have to agree that even before laying eyes on this article- I’ve seen and experienced this reality of three moons in our skies, not only once but on several occasions.

    I’ve also experienced a larger planet, which looked similar to the moon- begin to spin into a fireworks display and explode while the entire world looked in amazement. Afterwards; the ones who survive the cataclysmic event are released from military style hospitals.

    Clearly, I understand many of us are running of different levels of perception, reincarnations play a huge part in the level of understand we have attained within our experiences. What I want to know is if there are others out there, who have been having similar dreams as the ones I have described up above? This is not disinformation or a doomsday scare- clearly the asteroid belt was a planet; hence the amount of mystical authors that have come out with various names like, Tiamat and in this case in respects to the article, Phaeton. These sorts of experiences within the Astral Plane are quite powerful and redefine our experiences as modern educated men and women.

    To anyone who is more knowledgeable… Do these 2 other moons still exist outside of our waking world perception, or are these Astral experiences simply the act of tapping back into a time frame within our history in which we were alive in the existence and presence of these orbiting triplets?

    If there are others out there that have had similar experiences tapping into a time zone within the Astral in which a planet was seen to entirely explode in the sky, plz post. This topic is very interesting and deserves a bit more attention. Thank you! Sincerely.-Alex.

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