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A Solar Return: How to Celebrate Your Birthday

Every year, when the Sun returns to its exact alignment with the Earth that occurred when you were born, there comes the most important moment of all – your birthday, the beginning of a new chapter. It is a sacred time when you receive a real chance to transform your life in accordance with your inner calling and to get in alignment with your soul purpose. In everyday life it means that you can improve your health, open your mind to the new perspectives of growth and paths to success, while setting yourself free from the elements which no longer serve you or help you along the way. In other words, it is your chance to be ‘born again’.

In the ancient times people knew about the importance of that special moment, which has been, unfortunately, mostly forgotten these days.

The truth is that by not taking the universal rules into account, we expose ourselves to unnecessary stresses and misfortunes during the year. What is even worse, by spending the time of our birthday in the wrong way we waste a unique opportunity to introduce some corrections and desired changes into our personal wellbeing and the course of our future life.Over the centuries the real knowledge about birthdays was practically lost, which has resulted in the state we can witness at the moment – when it has become traditional to organise ‘birthday parties’, often with a huge amount of alcohol and other inappropriate elements. There is nothing wrong, of course, with having parties and enjoying time with your friends any time during the year… except your birthday.

Why so? Regardless of whether you know about the cosmic rhythms or believe in them (well, everyone is bound to acknowledge at least some of them, like the change of day and night, for example) they have a strong influence upon you.


Every year you are symbolically ‘born again’ and receive an opportunity to take a different turn in your life, becoming a better version of yourself. The old wisdom said that “The way you spend your birthday will map your year ahead.” The real meaning of this saying is that you must clear your mind from the old patterns, which were stopping you from achieving your goals, and open your heart to the new ways and discoveries. Your state of mind at the moment of your annual ‘birthday’ is a blueprint for the future events unfolding not only in the next year, but often also for many years to come.

That means, that if you spent that sacred time in a state of unawareness or intoxication, then wake up tired and sick the next morning – you set yourself a pattern of low immunity and decrepitude in the new year. While drunk, you might also think or say things you would regret afterwards – but by then it would be too late, as a blueprint would have already been set.

What is the best way to celebrate your birthday then? Exotic as it may sound in our days, the best way is to dedicate that day fully to yourself. Take a day off work and go somewhere where you won’t be disturbed by anyone. Switch off your laptop, tablet and phone and leave them behind.

Ideal would be to find out the exact time of when the Sun returns to its alignment with the Earth as was at the moment of your birthday – this is the most powerful moment for all chronomagic techniques (any qualified astrologer should be able to do that for you.) However, if you can’t find out the precise time, just concentrate on the day you know as your birthday. Cut off all external influences and start your morning with a meditation. In your mind, create an ideal picture of yourself and your life in the next year. Concentrate on the features you want to have and imagine they are already there. See your plans working out and your dreams becoming reality. Focus on feeling youthful, healthy and energised. Repeat just before going to sleep.

Try it. You will be amazed what a difference it will make. You are a part of the Universe, too. If you spend your birthday in tune with its rhythms, you are going to see your life transformed and welcome a year unlike any other you have experienced so far.



1 Comment

  1. Alisdair says:

    It is my birthday today. I started with a walk on the beach — an enormous feeling of energy and purpose. I will be meeting friends later though who I am quite sure will be feeding me too much alcohol.

    Somehow I knew this post was here!
    Alisdair x

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