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Anti-Ageing, Weight Loss and Longevity Coaching Seminar

Would you like to stay younger for longer? Or would you maybe like to reverse the damage caused by the years passing by?

It is perfectly possible. You won’t need any medicine or plastic surgery to restore your youthful look or to slow down the ageing process – thanks to the ancient mind training techniques, which have proven their effectiveness for centuries.

Jane Ellsworth, and experienced Spiritual and Anti-Ageing Coach, will share with you the secrets of keeping your youth and vitality.

The keys to achieving a better health, stamina and a younger, more attractive appearance are inside of you – all you need to do is to find out how to unlock the power your have.

A part of the seminar will be also focused on a powerful weight loss training. You will learn what to do to avoid the “yo yo” effect and set yourself free from exhausting diets!


Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up every morning feeling happy, healthy and strong, in your top form? Would you like to amaze your partner or finally find and attract that special person you’ve been looking for? Looking great means a better mood, a better performance and an increase in general wellbeing.

Don’t let the passing years get the better of you. Come to our seminar and start living the life you always wanted!

Date: 15th September 2013
Venue: The George, 213 Strand, WC2R 1AP London, United Kingdom

Get your tickets here.


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