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The subtle structure explained

Under the influence of the conditioning we receive as members of the modern society, we often tend to perceive ourselves as our physical bodies only.

More spiritually trained or perceptive people add here an energy part as well. Here is where sometimes a certain confusion occurs. While with our physical anatomy, over the past centuries the different organs have been studied throughly and their functions are understood rather well. In case of our ‘energy anatomy’ though, the picture is not that clear for most people.

So what does our subtle part consist of?


We have here the energy (or ethereal) body, the mind, the soul and the Core Essence. Let’s look at each part in detail.

The ethereal body is the closest to our physical part. It consists of rather dense energy, which is easy to see even if one hasn’t been trained in aura perception. It shows as a bright golden rim around our physical body, which follows its coutures. It’s important to understand the difference between this energy body and the aura – the aura is the natural radiation we emit in the outer space as a result of our live activity. Usually it has different colours depending on the most open chakras and changes under the influence of emotional states, for example stress or excitement.

Ethereal body can be controlled by our mind, pretty much like our physical body is – except its possibilities are more extensive. According to your needs you can contract or expand your ethereal body or even send it to a different place to gather information (the so-called astral travel.)

Our mind is an energy ‘organ’, which acts like a computer maintaining and controlling vital functions in both bodies. Mind is being developed under the influence of the conditions of upbringing as well as the ‘settings’ which have been ‘inherited’ from the previous lives. After the physical death, a current mind is being disabled so a new one can develop in the next incarnation.

You can perceive mind as a kind of ‘interface’ the soul uses to communicate with the outer world and gather experience. All information, emotions, behavioural patterns and creeds the mind discovers and adopts during one’s lifetime are then being ‘converted’ into the energy patterns and incorporated in the structure of the soul, which then carries them onto the next incarnations (this is also the basis of ‘karma’.) A new physical body will be created according to the energy matrix.

Now we have to cross the border of the common knowledge. Although a definite majority of people are aware of their mind and its function, the voice of the soul is very rarely heard.

This could be also down to the fact that our soul ‘speaks’ a different language. It operates with symbols, presentiments and subtle perception. Its voice is what in everyday life we call ‘intuition’. The soul has desires and the sense of direction of our spiritual evolution. He who listens to the voice of his soul and follows its suggestions very soon sees his life greatly improving. When living in accordance with the desires of your soul, not only you evolve faster and an individual, you also feel a huge energy boost, which immediately helps you to achieve even more. This happens because when going with the flow of your life no energy is wasted on overcoming the resistance which one inevitably encounters when trying to reach for something which is not meant for him.

Our soul keeps the memory of our past incarnations and it always knows where we should be heading to in this life. You can call it the ‘Higher Purpose’ the ‘Real Calling’ or whatever is easy to understand, but at the end of the day it is just a direction of your personal evolution.

Now we came to the deepest core. Have you ever wandered what the saying “Underneath it all, people are all the same” really means? And if we are in fact “all the same”, what about the obvious differences we can see?

Inside our soul, like a pearl in a shell, there is hidden our Core Essence. It is the point of Pure Awareness of existence, where no emotions or thoughts can reach. It is that divine sparkle, which makes us human and keeps us alive. It is the basis of consciousness, which confers self-awareness. Stripped from our thoughts, memories, desires, emotions and feelings, at the level of the Core Essence we are in fact the same.

One must remember though, that even though we all come from the same Source, we had a freedom of choice right from the beginning. That obviously meant that every soul could take a different path to gain different experiences suitable for him/her; over many thousands of years those differences kept piling up and resulted in the differences you can notice now.

[With an appropriate training, one can start consciously using the enormous magic possibilities of one’s Core Essence. It is also effective in karma therapy.]


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