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The 1st of July – the 13th day of the month of Tishtria

Monday the 1st of July is a very special day, when the vibrations of the day, the month and the year come to synchronicity.

The day is devoted to Tishtria, he ‘who holds in his hand the keys to all worlds’ and who guards the Gate of Future, helping people to make the right choice in the maze of time and find the best possible variant of future for themselves.

SiriusIn the ancient texts Tishtria is described as “a heavenly rider who fights Apaosha the demon of desert and who bestows longevity and life-giving rain”. Tishtria is associated with the star Sirius, which raises together with the sun during the time of summer solstice. Sirius was the brightest star in the sky and was therefore seen as the leader of other constellations. Sirius-Tishtria bestows the blessing of rain on the withered earth and exterminates parasites and vermin, by washing them away with the power of heavenly waters.

The day of Tishtria is also invisibly connected with all four Guardians of Time and therefore is especially loathed by the dark forces.

Recommendations: The 13th day of the solar calendar is ideal for journeys, signing important papers and concluding agreements.

Today is metaphysically connected with a primordial battle of Good and Evil, when the increased energy tension can lead to highlighting of any antagonism.


It is not a good time for intimate relations or conclusion of marriages, as they may end up in divorce.

The energy of the day is perfect for physical and mental cleansing, removing negative energies and any evil eye influences from your aura. Especially effective will be cleaning your home with a candles and incenses of wild rosemary and thyme, meditation with candle flame or open fire. Be aware that negative energies and influences may be more intense, than usual – take precautions and strengthen your usual energy defence measures. Control your thoughts and words today – there is a danger that bad wishes and negative thoughts may become reality.

Food: To increase your synchronicity with the energies of the day it’s recommended to eat cheese, feta cheese, naan bread and similar. In general, the less food you consume today the better. Today is one of the best days to start a diet or a fast; meat is better to be avoided. All healthy procedures and wellbeing treatments will be extremely effective.

Protective colours of the day: red, purple and white. Avoid wearing pale and washed-out colours, especially in the shades of sand or marsh.

Sacred numbers: 33,128, 1024, 13, 5, 55, 555.

Gemstone: jasperite – red with white and gray inclusions: a stone which helps to fight evil. Jasperite attracts magnet, due to the high iron content.


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