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Super Moon 23 June 2013

We all know about the significant influence which the Moon has on the life on Earth. It affects not only the process of creating high and low tides, the metabolism and the growth of plants, but also people’s emotions, dreams and the subconscious.

Every month, the time of the full moon sees escalation of emotional conflicts, aggravation of psychological problems and disorders, aggression and a decreased ability to logical thinking and concentration, which reflect on the number of accidents.

On the other side, it can also be a time of prophetic dreams, intuitive enlightenment, when senses become more acute and we can tune into the wisdom of the Universe, as well as develop the ability to communicate with the souls of our ancestors and lucid dreaming.

Super MoonThe Super Full Moon tomorrow will magnify both negative and positive characteristics of the full moon.

For people who are sensitive, intuitive, with an open mind and a loving heart, this unique celestial phenomenon can bring a powerful boost of creative energy and inspiration. It’s a time of activating the hidden resources and talents, of fascinating new ideas, when one stroke can inspire a masterpiece and one note can bring out a symphony.

At the same time, for many this period will me marked with emotional instability, sudden mood swings, increased risk of depression and break-ups. Awareness of the potential risks will help you to keep your emotions under control and avoiding making hasty decisions and arguments, many of which you might regret soon afterwards.

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In this post I would like to introduce an ancient Avesta calendar, which is based on the cosmic principles and is an invaluable source of very helpful information. The calendar has been originally designed a few thousand years ago to assist in everyday life through explaining the unique influences and vibrations of every day of the year, thus making it much easier to plan ahead and set goals with confidence.

General characteristics: If the previous day required mainly manifestation of the masculine features, today, on the opposite, encourages all typically feminine characteristics, especially such as kindness, mercy and forgiveness. It’s a day of peace, inner balance and relax.

The influence of the 15th Lunar day can bring temptations on the physical plane; one must be vary of negative influences and restrain from aggression and intemperance.

Health: Illnesses which start this day indicate an influence of jinx or evil eye. Your path to fast recovery lies through prayers, fast and banishing bad thoughts. Today is not a good day for operating on liver, gall-blader, spine and knee joints. Good time for treating any problems located in bronchial tubes, lungs, stomach and chest. Avoid visiting dentist until Wednesday, if possible.

Solar Day: 5

Colous of the day – subdued, pastel tones. Avoid wearing bright colours today. Copper jewellery is very advisable.

Lunar Day: 15/16 [Moonrise: 21:09 GMT]


The period from 23rd-28th June is not suitable for weddings and big celebrations – this time if designed for individual self-improvement work, meditation with a candle and focusing on overcoming one’s weaknesses and fears.


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