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Making Dreams Come True

My students often ask me about materialisation techniques, so I decided to publish a separate article explaining some of the basics.

Materialise your dreams

Before starting working with the subject, we first need to understand that dreams we have fall into two main categories: our true dreams and those planted in our mind by the society (it could be helpful to read my articles about egregores first to understand certain details of the process.) In other words, goals and desires can be ‘contracted’ from someone else or be enforced by an egregore. We see countless examples of this state of things: “I want a car because all my friends have cars”, “I want to belong to this group/club/party because everyone says it’s prestigious”, “I want to go to holiday abroad, because everyone else in my company does”, “I want to earn a lot of money, because otherwise people will think that I’m a loser” and so on.

Such desires may be very strong and make us waste lots of time and effort chasing them. Often, very much like children, when we see someone having a nice toy we want one, too. We tend to naively think that our happiness depends on what we own and whether we can “prove ourselves” and get what other people seem to enjoy having. The main objective in our chase for happiness must be in the meanwhile acquiring the inner emotional and mental Freedom, or in other words, just grow up.

Growing up means that an individual is aware what works for him and what doesn’t and never wastes time chasing the goals of others instead of pursuing his own. He also understands that there is enough abundance in this world for everyone and when you reach for something that is rightfully yours, you tend to get it and by fulfilling that goal you will find your real happiness. Meanwhile, if you are like a thief trying to take for your own what was not meant to be yours, you put yourself under a lot of unnecessary pressure and grief. You may eventually get what you are after, but you will have to pay an enormous price in your energy and the precious years of your life – and the goal achieved ‘by force’ will never make you feel happy. Instead, you will feel nothing but an emptiness inside, while your subconscious will be telling you that the price you have paid didn’t go anywhere near reasonable for this kind of thing. That brings many people to the brink of depression and takes away the purpose of life. Unfortunately, often the realisation that he was chasing the wrong goal comes to an individual too late, towards the end of his life. He may then struggle to find any more energy to change a course, as all his life and strength have been devoured by the insatiable egregore of the idea.

So, before putting your mind and soul into a project, make sure first whether it’s worth it – in other words, whether the goal is really your own. Real dreams you can easily recognise by these characteristic features:

* It feels right doing it, even if everyone else says that it’s pointless, never going to make any money etc

* Following that desire not only makes you happy and inspired, but also gives you a massive ‘energy boost’ – you can be working for hours and not even feel tired afterwards

* When veering from this goal you feel a strong inner protest, an acute frustration, you feel like you’ve been deprived of something very important

* Following your real dreams brings abundance and wellbeing into your life, because you are following your destiny, therefore all that is rightfully yours come to you

* Real dreams always have a ‘purpose in mind’: “I want to do this for my personal development and fulfillment”, “I want to do this to help the world”, “I want to do this to make others happy” etc. Ask yourself – why  you want to pursue your goal. If the answer is “I want to do it so others don’t think I’m a loser”, or “Because friends/parents/teachers told me to” – it means that your goals are not real and persisting in that direction will only make you unhappy in the end.

If after consulting the list above you are still not absolutely sure whether your dream is real or not, you should perform an ultimate check through your exemplary state.

Having clarified your real wishes, you can then proceed to the part two. There are several great materialisation techniques out there, I will mention here only those suitable for beginners.

First of all, you need to put yourself in the right frame of mind. In other words, you can imagine your wish being a wave of a certain frequency, so to receive it, you have to tune yourself to that frequency. This is not at all as complicated as it may sound.

Find some time during the day (the best moment is just before you go to sleep, but you can choose your other favourite time) to dedicate to the task. Close the door, switch off your phone and TV and make sure that nobody will be disturbing you for a while. You don’t need a long time, it all depends how well you’ve develop your ability to concentrate. Now close your eyes and imagine your dream coming true. You have to make it as real as possible – if you’re by the sea, don’t forget to add a breeze and a smell of salt; if you’re celebrating an event, remember to take your glass of champagne; if you’re receiving a gift, make yourself feel the wrapping paper under your fingers and so on. You have to convince your mind that you already have what you are asking for. Do this exercise as often as you can, until you start thinking, talking and acting like a person whose dream came true. Feel that joy, freedom and fulfillment as if the desired situation was already there.

You can now proceed to factual materialisation technique, which is relatively simple, but will require some discipline of mind, especially to begin with.

The quickest technique known to me is one I call the “Point Impulse”- properly executed, it can bring the desired result the next day, or even in a matter of hours (I’m not exaggerating here. I’ve been using this technique for years and I can confirm that it can really be that quick.) What you do is sending only ONE strong signal, like a powerful blast, conveying the information about your wish.

The technique itself is as follows: spontaneously choose a moment to think about your wish. Keep thinking about it and how much you want it, gradually bringing up the level of emotions, until you are almost on the brink of bursting in tears. Once your emotions reach that level, the energy will be automatically sent out (and your own energy level drops for a short while.) In that very moment, instantly disconnect with your wish completely and ‘forget’ about it, like if it absolutely was of no importance to you whatsoever. Become completely indifferent whether the wish comes true or not.

This requires certain mental discipline, but it’s not in fact very difficult – we all have done similar thing many times on our lives. For example, remember a moment when you saw something VERY pretty (a car, a handbag, a pair of shoes, an expensive watch etc) and spontaneously thought “I WANT THIS SOOO BADLY!”, but a moment later a friend called you or you just simply walked past the shop window and returned to some other thoughts you had earlier – and forgot all about the sudden impulse you had a few minutes ago. You may then be often surprise to suddenly find of receive as a gift that exact item some time later!

The only difference is that in the case of materialisation we will need to use this mechanism consciously. So the flow is as follows: spontaneously think of the wish -> raise the emotional level to the maxumum -> disconnect and forget.

Be careful not to use it for the fake society goals, but only for your real wishes.

*One important warning – you can use this technique in regard to events of objects of the outer world, but you must never try and direct this towards other people. Forget ideas like “I want to make him/her love me” and other similar. Otherwise the karmic consequences for you may be terrifying – and I assure you it is really not worth it.


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  1. George DeLong says:

    Your last paragraph concerning the warning was great. With the mounting interest in witchcraft due to increasing 7th ray energies, I have warned many Wiccans about the karmic consequences of using spells to alter someone’s life, for good or bad.

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