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The Basics of Chronomagic: Working With Eclipses

The next penumbral lunar eclipse will take place on May 25, 2013 – as promised, here is a reliable guide to help you make the best of this opportunity.

Lunar and solar eclipses are very important events both for those interested in chronomagic as for the usual people. Every eclipse gives you an opportunity to ‘correct’ the course of your life.

Chronomagic - eclipsesEvery calendar date has its own history. Events which took place on the certain days, over centuries create a summary energy balance of that day. That becomes especially important during lunar and solar eclipses, which open the direct channel to the karmic past – they can ‘awaken’ the events from the past and the pattern can be repeated once again.

Lunar eclipses occur at the time of a full moon, when emotions usually reach their culmination point and then get released. Whether that brings the lost of orientation or a divine enlightment depends only on the individual’s reaction. In any case, the key word here is Change.

When a solar eclipse occurs, the Moon becomes an intervening body, blocking the solar energy from reaching the Earth. Because that always happens at the new moon, which starts a monthly cycle, the combined solar and lunar energies create an incredibly powerful mixture with a dominant lunar (emotional) influence.

Under the influence of eclipses, emotions become generally unbalanced, and therefore it’s not the best time to take on big responsibilities, make serious decisions and start serious actions which require concentration and cold thinking.

Another thing worth remembering is that all eclipses bring an element of fatality – the situations started within the orb of an eclipse (especially on the day, as well as the day before and the day after) have properties to “program” one’s life in a certain way, creating a kind of canvas for events which will be happening in our life later.

A general advice is to minimise the workload, because during those times our energy level and immunity are lower than usual. Be especially careful with any medicine or alcohol.

Before every eclipse it’s recommended to practise a 3-day fast (avoiding meat, nuts and seeds). Ideally, this should be a time dedicated to relax, meditation and a scrupulous emotional self-check, to realise your past mistakes and start looking for ways to self-improvement.

The practise of a solar eclipse gives us an opportunity to realise and eliminate hidden fears, negative character features (for example, laziness, aggressiveness, indecision etc), which hinder your life progress and stand in the way of your spiritual growth.

During a lunar eclipse one can get rid of illnesses, damaging habits (smoking, drinking etc), complexes, childhood traumas and psychological weaknesses.

A solar eclipse (which almost always occurs on 29th/1st lunar day), gives us an opportunity to reconsider and understand the messages from the past events, as well as become aware of our mistakes and true feelings. It’s good to receive forgiveness from people we’ve previously hurt.

The main focus should be on realising your fears and worries. Remember that like attracts like, and thought is matter. For as long as you hold a fear in your heart, it will act as a magnet bringing unhappy circumstances into your life. For example, a fear of loneliness may in fact cause loosing partners and friends; a fear of financial instability may bring actual financial problems and so on.

Analyse your fears and worries, thank them for the lessons they’ve taught you and let them go. You need to grow out of fears to become a stronger and better version of yourself.

Accept with a calm gratitude even the hard lessons from the past, the people and the situations that provided new experiences and armed you with more knowledge. From the bottom of your heart, forgive yourself to let others take advantage of you. Say to yourself, that you are willing to start a different chapter in your life – a chapter of self-appreciation and fulfilment, where feelings like guilt, sadness or frustration will be non-existent.

To your great amazement, you may able to see a reward for your spiritual work very soon. As if by magic, the problems you were struggling with earlier may disappear and your relationships with others improve.

The most vital point during an eclipse time – whether you consciously work with it or not – is to be a source of positive thoughts and vibrations on those important days. Expressing anger, arguing and quarrelling is very harmful, because it’ll create a destructive programme for your happiness. Instead, be grateful for everything you were blessed to have and experience and wish everyone well. You’ll soon see how your new thought pattern is transforming your life.

On those days you can become the wizard of your own destiny and create a gateway for happiness and harmony not just for yourself, but also for the world around you. A heart  full of harmony frees the mind from worries – and a calm mind means a healthy body.

Now let’s draw an analogy between what was said before and the observations of scientists. The Earth is surrounded with magnetosphere which protects life on the planet from the ionic radiation of the outer space. Every eclipse is observed on a routine basis, but the big ones pose a special interest. Some unique observations were made during the famous solar eclipse on 11th of August 1999.

The scientists observed the following: “At the moment when the moon covered the sun, the Earth was swept with an enormous activity, the parameters of its electromagnetic field have suddenly changed. It looked like if our planet rapidly “blasted out” all its accumulated energy into the space. After that its potential began to decrease until at a certain point it reached zero. Later the Earth started recovering slowly from its “clinical death”; the electromagmetic parameters returned to their ranges, but the values were now different. The vector of the field has changed, like if our planet has been reborn in a new quality.”

Something similar happens to all of us. Before an eclipse we perform a mental check, realise our experiences and purify our souls. We transform our immature feelings into gratitude and love, to avoid clattering the Informational Field of the Universe with unnecessary mental junk. Then we are being reborn and pour the new energy into our future, given a chance to start a new life.

The Lunar eclipse on the 25th May 2013 is projected on the 4th degree of Sagittarius, the symbol of which is “A Man With a Spear” or “A Royal Cobra”– “bravery, bellicosity, confidence and focus on achieving the goals.” This degree represents the ultimate power of destiny, which one will feel compelled to follow. The eclipse is happening in the vicinity of the Ascending Lunar Node, which means that all events associated with it will have long-term consequences (at least 18years – one cycle of the Lunar Nodes.)

This eclipse starts a LE 150 series, and is the first one out of its 71 eclipses covering a period of 1262,11 years. Greatest  Eclipse: 04:09 UT.

This eclipse will draw our attention to all mystical, spiritual and irrational, it may help to find a spiritual path or reinforce faith. It’s a time of prophetic dreams, meditation, awakening intuition and artistic abilities. People who haven’t found their purpose in life should be careful during this time, as they may suffer from melancholy, low energy and depression.

There may be a rise of spiritual societies or groups possessing secret knowledge, from which there may suddenly emerge a prominent leader, who will help people create a true system of values and show the way to restore their health.

On the negative side the eclipse warns about possible failures in negotiations and unsuccessful attempts of diplomacy, when a person who is trying to reconcile the antagonistic elements turns up to be completely unfit for the task and discredits himself; also possible marital conflicts.

It’s worth remembering that the Lunar eclipse on the 25th coincides with one of the 3 Supermoons (perigee-sygyzy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system) we will be witnessing this year. Supermoon is a phenomenon when the Moon comes to a much closer proximity to the Earth, thus influencing us stronger.

It’s very important during the eclipse time to activate positive programmes for the future, with a prospect that they will take a long time to unfold. The eclipse presents a chance for people to develop as individuals, to restore inner harmony, express themselves fully (for example, through their job) and look for their soul mates.

For more precise information, check your horoscope. If the eclipse happen to project onto your:

– 1st house – expect changes on your personal plane. Probably you’ll feel like transforming your image and becoming more of a leader. Being idle is not an option. That house is symbolically connected with the sign or Aries, which means that you’ll become a pioneer in something, an active creator and a real individuality.

– 2nd house – the changes will have to do with your finances. That sphere of life can become unstable, but if you keep the presence of mind you’ll always find a way to improve your situation.

– 3rd house – the situation may force you to get engaged into the issues of relatives. There will be a chance to learn something new, acquire a new specialty or raise your qualification. Business trips can bring new opportunities and useful information.

– 4th house – the changes will be related to your home and parents. You may buy or sell house, flat, move houses. Possibly you’ll have to devote more attention to your parents, especially your mother.

– 5th house – changes can happen in your love sphere. If you have children they may require some attention – some important event in their lives may also affect yours. It’s also a time when you have a chance to develop yourself in the creative sphere.

– 6th house – if you were looking for a job, you’ll soon find it. If you were working hard, there will be a chance for a higher position as a well-deserved reward.

– 7th house – changes can occur in your marriage or in your partner’s life. You may meet your future partner and make your relationship official. For those seeking a divorce it’s a change to get back their freedom at a long last.

– 8th house – there may be some financial instability in your partner’s (husband’s, wife’s) finances. You may be exposed to some risks and unpredicted circumstances – but that experience will be important for you. Be especially careful while driving/flying. This may be a unique chance to end a whole chapter of your life and start a new one, like a phoenix arising from the ashes.

* That house is also symbolically connected with Via Combusta and the constellation of Ophiuchus (“Serpent-bearer”) . That constellation absorbes and dissolves human karma, putting an individual face to face with the Unknown. If the person is not ready for that, his existence turns into a scorched desert, fear overcomes his soul and his life path truly becomes a “fiery road”. His existence starts being influenced by some terrifying mysterious forces, which can bring destruction. It’s as if the person was connected to a high-voltage source – he may not be able to handle that. It also happens that one can bear the power which is being translated through him without even noticing it – but everything around starts falling apart. If, however, the individual in on the path of spiritual evolution and self-development, this time may bring fantastic achievements and rewards one couldn’t even dream about, enlightment and spiritual powers.

– 9th house – you may be given an opportunity to go abroad, broaden your education or meet some inspirational person who may become your teacher – and if you’re ready, you may become such a teacher yourself.

– 10th house – your carrier and goals are going to be transformed. You may redefine your goals, get onto a new carrier step, join the management team or be elected to become a leader of your party/organisation.

– 11th house – changes in the planes and projects involving your friends or in any activities involving dealing with similarly-minded people. Expect the unexpected; your life may be now filled with surprises, strange coincidences and events. That house accents the necessity of making a spiritual choice. You should decide whether you are prepared to part with your old acquisitions and continue your evolution, or keep accumulating and holding on to things, effectively letting your possessive instincts drag you down into the abyss.

– 12th house – may bring a revolution in your spiritual world, changes in the system of your real values and beliefs. If you haven’t done it earlier, you may consider starting reading some spiritual literature and meditating to open your mind. You may get invited to join a secret society or discover some old secrets.

The ritual

To benefit fully from the opportunity offered by an eclipse, you have to prepare your mind.

A half of hour before the eclipse, light a candle and walk with it around your flat/house clockwise, while saying your favourite prayer. Fire clears all negative energies very well.

Take a contrast shower (at a solar eclipse men should start and finish with hot water, women – with cold after 5-7 times; at a lunar eclipse the temperature sequence is reversed). 10 minutes before a solar eclipse lie down with your head pointing east (at a lunar eclipse – pointing north) and relax. Close your eyes and imagine how your fears, complexes and other negative programmes which you want to get rid of are leaving your body. Imagine them one by one as certain symbols or visions and send to those visions the energy of love and gratefulness for their lessons in your life. Observe how symbols begin to change and being transformed into pure and bright ones. Then send the energy of pure love to the parts of your body, where the negative energies used to reside. Then imagine that you have become your ideal self – with all the abilities, strength, skills and features you always wanted to have. Concentrate on what it feels like and try to keep that feeling in your mind for as long as possible. To finish, fill all your body with warm energy of love and happiness.

If concentrating for a long time is challenging for you, you can use the following technique. At the precise moment of the Greatest Eclipse, sit in front of the candle and say in your thoughts or out loud everything you’d like to get rid of, everything that you believe creates obstacles in your life. Put all your passion into that wish. Be honest with yourself. You can also write your points down on a white piece of paper. Don’t forget to add a date and a signature at the bottom of the list. Burn the piece of paper after having finished.

Remember that the moment of an eclipse is unique. This is the time which bestows a chance not only to resolve your current negative situations and feelings, but also to create a programme for happiness and success, making your dreams come true.

After a lunar eclipse, on the 1st lunar day, sit down in front of a candle and concentrate on the feeling of bliss coming into your life. Imagine all your troubles being successfully solved and all the anticipated positive events happening for you. You only need to do it once.

For your information – you can use every first day of a lunar month to correct your life and bring in some improvements. An eclipse greatly intensifies that energy, but even the beginning of a usual lunar month is still a good time to set things in motion and bring your goals closer. The wishes will be particularly powerful if your thoughts are honest, and the matter is important and in accordance with your real needs.


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