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The Four Elements Working Together:)

Here’s a short story showing how the typical representatives of the Four Elements would behave when working as a team. Funny but true.:)

Elemental Team

The task: get to the other side of a high and thick wall, to the Promised Land.
The team: Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

Fire: Right, it’s all clear, let’s get moving! *kicks the wall just in case*

Air: Any suggestions, how we can get to the other side?

Earth: We should organise this properly to make sure it goes smoothly. Plan our timeframe, schedule, roles, expenses etc… I can do that.

Fire: Bullocks! What blooming schedule do you need? Bring me some explosives and I’ll get things done in no time!

Air: I actually know a friend who I can ask to get us some dynamite… I’ll talk to him.

Water: Can it be something less scary, please..? Hey, what is Earth doing?

Air: He’s measuring us up to find out how big a hole should be.

Earth: How did you know?

Air: Simple deduction. I know you well enough to predict your all steps.:)

*Earth sits down and starts putting measurements and other data in spreadsheets. He then goes to the wall and with a ruler draws the contours of the planned hole. Meanwhile, Air is talking to his friend on mobile, Water is sitting and meditating and Fire is running around, getting more and more cross.*

Fire: Get up, you f***ing time-wasters!! Are you going to spend all your lives here, doing nothing?!

Air: Calm down, it’s all being organised. I’ve spoken to some people and found out where the nearest storage of dynamite is. I’ll be back soon.

*Air disappears. Fire gives the wall another kick and decides to do a few push-ups to keep himself busy. Earth takes a small stone hammer and starts working his way through the wall.*

Water: Tea, anyone?

Earth: Thank you. I’ll just finish this part first. I planned a break in 5 minutes, I would love to have some tea then.

Fire: No sodding tea for me! What kind of drink is that?! Get me some beer… or even better, get me some gin!

Water: *calmly* Whatever you like.*He comes back bringing the gin for Fire and tea for himself.*

Fire: Thanks. At least something you can do. *after a short while* For f*ck sake, where’s Air with his sodding dynamite??! He’s waiting for us to die of old age or what?! *he picks up a bigger rock and throws it into the wall*

*Earth takes a break, enjoying his tea with nice sandwiches with ham he brought with him earlier. He offers others to share. Fire takes two and Water refuses saying that he is a vegetarian and it’s cruel to kill animals.

Earth finishes his break and goes back to digging a hole. Air appears with lots of packages.*

Air: Ding-dong, I’m back and – listen up – with good news! We now have enough explosives, if my calculations are right. Look here, I’ve stolen some.

Fire: You’re a real mate, Air, really you are.

Water: But… stealing is wrong and immoral…

Fire: Oh, shut the f*ck up.

Air: Do you know how to use them?

Fire: Yep. Sure thing I do! Watch me.

*He starts opening the packages and making a pile of the dynamite sticks.*

Fire: Yay, this is so exciting! We’re going to see the Promised Land soon, woohoo!! *he looks at Water* And if this doesn’t work out, it will be all Water’s fault.

Water: *very upset* Why does everything always have to be my fault..? What have I done now..?

Fire: Joke. Will you stop being such a whimp for once? You annoy me like hell sometimes. Cheer up!

Air: Oh, hold on, don’t set fire to it yet, I want to take a photo… *He stars taking pictures on his mobile phone*

Fire: Hurry up!

Air: Finished! I posted it on Istagram, Facebook, PinInterest, Google+ and Twitter, we already have 50 comments!

Fire: Whatever turns you on… Right, are you all ready?

Water: I’ll pray for our safety… You know, I saw a dream the other night, and it was…

Fire: Shut up!! Where’s Earth?

Air: He seems to be half way through the wall.

Fire: Hey, Earth, move away!

Earth: What are you talking about? I’m good following my schedule. I don’t appreciate unplanned distractions…

Air: Listen, it can be very dangerous, come with us now.

*Earth puts his hammer down and unwillingly joins the rest of the team. Water looks scared, while Fire and Air are very excited. Fire triggers the explosion.

Through the big hole they can now see a glimpse of the Promised Land.*

Fire: Yo-ho-ho!! Well done! Clever me!! Great job, guys!!! Woohoo-yay-yippee!!! *he starts jumping and dancing*

Air: This is the coolest things ever!! By the way, we have 2000 followers and 500 retweets!

Water: It is alright to open my eyes now..?

*Fire runs in jumps towards the hole.*

Air: How about a little race? I bet you I run faster!

Fire: No f***ing way!!!

*Both soon disappear into the opening in the wall.*

Earth: Right, I should go back to catch up with my work now.

Water: *surprised* Hold on, what’s the point? They’ve done it! The wall’s broken.

Earth: The way they did it doesn’t feel right to me… I much prefer the plan I put together.

Water: Err… alright then, see you there… some time. I must say, I will really miss you… and miss this side of the wall… There were better and worse times, but it’s here where our home is… Where our hearts are… I feel overwhelmed with this all… Goodbye, friend… *he gives Earth a hug*

Earth: Oh, stop that sentimental nonsense. You’ll be alright.

*Earth returns to his half-finished hole, which looked perfectly formed, unlike the untidy one created by Fire. Water sighs and slowly walks towards the opening in the wall to join Fire and Air. He soon finds them laughing and celebrating the break-through with a lot of buzz.

Meanwhile, Earth keeps on digging according to his schedule. He will get there eventually, too.*


P.S. The manner of speech and the choice of words always give away one’s leading Element. The lexicon is determined by the modality, which an individual uses the most, for example:

Fire: Visual (words examples: I see, look here, get the picture, watch me!)

Air: Auditory (I hear you, as I said, word for word, listen up, a melody to my ears)

Water: Auditory-Kinaesthetic (it feels right, moving smoothly, it rings true, on the same wavelength, clearly expressed)

Earth: Kinaesthetic (come to grips with, concrete details, hand in hand, touch base, I get it)

The Elements are fascinating, n’est-ce pas?:)


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