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Become a Master Of Your Karma

Becoming the master of your own destiny is a process, which consists of two main stages.

PhoenixFirst of all, you should understand the important role of our own subconsciousness. As long as it’s left to its own devices, while our conscious mind is enjoying the illusion of being in control, we will be victims, lost in the labyrinth of life. Living your subconsciousness unattended is like driving a car with your eyes closed. You will certainly end up somewhere, but it could be just as well a tree or a river. Would you, being in your senses, take such a risk? Remember that you subconsciousness in an integral part of you and therefore you have every right to use it in full. Many people are lead astray by misrepresentations of subconsciousness as something almost alien to our nature and frightening, something one cannot possible build a productive dialogue with. That is absolutely not true. I must mention here some unfortunate concepts, like that of ‘the inner child’ developed in the 70s’, which is growing in popularity these days. Theories like that do nothing but take us further from the way to freedom, which lies through the real understanding of who we are. First of all, perceiving your subconsciousness as ‘a child’ is by all standards illogical, because it’s much older and stronger than our conscious mind and in fact represents our true essence. It’s something which holds the power of the summary of all our incarnations, while our conscious mind had only a couple of decades to develop the understanding of self in the current life. Secondly, the word ‘child’ implies a creature which exists independently; a separate being which has its own ways, unlike our arm or leg. Seeing our own subconsciousness as something almost external doesn’t help in the process of integration of our mind. It also tricks you into believing that you can shift off the responsibility for your actions and feelings onto someone else’s ‘shoulders’. It’s so convenient to say “It’s not me who did that, I was pushed into it by my inner child”. That also means that you feel no need or reason to confront your feelings or analyse them – so the issues which create problems in your life will stay unsolved. It’s a mind trap you should beware of. There is no ‘other being’ living inside you. Your mental processes, your feelings and your attitude are all generic parts of you and you should learn to understand yourself, before you can move any further. Ideally, you should try to reach the state, where both your conscious and subconscious mind are as familiar and obedient to you, as your left and right foot. You can understand the language of your mind by paying attention to the signals it sends.

Having mastered the first step, you can then move onto the next one, which involves revising your mental set-up and actually changing your mental patterns from the damaging ones onto something you can really benefit from. For this step you will need a guide. It is not possible to change a system using the capabilities of that system only. You need a look from the outside, an unbiased analysis and advice, as well as a source where you can take your examples from. If you haven’t experienced certain things you will never know that you may want them. To be able to say that Japanese cuisine is your favourite, you have to try it at least once before. You may become a famous couturier, but you will never know about your talents in that field if you had never come across the concept of design. You are capable of creating your own reality, but to do that you need tools and you need to know what your options are.

This is the stage many people stumble upon. Having gained the understanding of the basic laws of the reality, they can’t find anyone who would take them to the next level. You must be very careful while choosing your guide, because the damage done on that level by some unqualified people cannot sometimes be repaired in one’s lifetime. Our school has been created for people who need support and advice, while looking for their Path to self-discovery and their way to freedom.

You may be also lucky enough to find a guide through your intuition, but be aware that many people out there tend to see the field as an opportunity to gain control over others. Such people are called inductors – they use religious or spiritual concepts and doctrines to establish their superiority and plant karma roots into the minds of their listeners. Sadly they usually don’t care about the people they influence, as they put their own benefits first.

You will learn how to recognise pseudo-gurus and more ways of becoming the Master of your life and of your karma from my book “Heal Your Karma”, which is due to be published soon.


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