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Do You Secretly Feel Like Nobody Really Understands You?

We all meet people who seems to be ‘strangers’ – they think originally, behave differently and don’t seem to ‘fit in’ in many social situations. Sometimes they seem to be lost in their own world and sometimes make an impression of someone who is lonely. You probably know a guy who at a party would be sitting with his book in a corner or a girl who is secretly collecting strange artifacts and would rather stay at home sketching than join acquaintances at a pub.

In spiritual terms ‘Star’ is a name given to certain individuals who share a number of specific characteristics that makes them ‘different’ from other people. It should never be confused with the celestial bodies or the media term for celebrities or famous actors. The name Stars is related to the properties of their aura, which consists of pure Light, rather then colours, like most people’s auras.

Stars have a heightened sense of intuition or psychic abilities and often perceive a deeper level of reality beneath the surface of ‘normal life’. Such individuals are usually more sensitive to ‘energies’ (both positive and negative), than the average person and can often see ‘auras’ or pick up signals from other people’s emotional state. They may have an amazing intuitive insight into things as well as the ability to heal.

Stars are usually people with a deep interest in all things spiritual and tend to seek out information about subjects such as reincarnation, karma, chakras, clairvoyance, astrology and energy healing. This is because they are able to sense that there are deeper forces at work in the universe which non-Stars seem to ignore or simply cannot detect.

One of the characteristic features of Stars is a very specific feeling, which can always be observed: Stars seem to be drawn to other Stars with an almost ‘magnetic attraction’ and sense their presence either intuitively or by recognition expressed through their eyes. If you meet another Star, even if his/her consciousness is sleeping, you will suddenly want to spend hours talking to that person, discover that you have thousands things in common and also have an impression as if you had known each other for ages – even if you met for the first time.

sts cr

From their childhood, Sleeping Stars (or Sleepings) feel that they are somewhat different from others, which often creates obstacles when making friends. The simply don’t want to conform with the ‘norm’ and refuse living their lives by someone else’s standards. Other people often feel intimidated by the Stars great dreams, knowledge or abilities and sadly try to bring them down to their level, putting down with words like “Can’t you just try and be normal?” or “You must forget all those weird ideas at once, I only try to help.” Due to their high sensitivity, some Stars can become deeply affected by such repeated verbal attacks, to the point that they develop low self-esteem and depression.

Later in life they may try to overcompensate that loneliness and end up mixing with a whole bunch of completely unsuitable ‘friends’ or wasting their lives on pointless activities and ‘projects’ just to keep themselves busy. Often used by others and misunderstood, sometimes they become inclined towards self-destruction, overloading themselves with work, alcohol or drugs. Not everyone goes down that way, but the great sensitivity of Stars also means a better understanding of things around them and having nobody to turn to, they sometimes accumulate more pain inside that they find possible to deal with in a usual way.

As the interest to spirituality is growing, many people have realised the existence of individuals with a different form of consciousness. In spiritual texts Stars are referred to by a variety of terms including ‘Lightworkers’, ‘Indigo Children’, ‘Human Angels’, ‘Starseeds’ etc – and despite those texts don’t usually give a proper explanation, the essence stays the same. In the context of reincarnation Stars are simply more highly evolved beings who, having experienced many incarnations, are now at a more advanced stage of development and are able to use their psychic and spiritual skills more effectively than most. Some of them are born on Earth for the first time, having originally come from different parts of the Universe – in that case they may find it particularly difficult to adopt to the human reality.

Some Stars and Sleepings tend to choose jobs in education/coaching or the entertainment industry, where they can become extremely popular using their natural magnetism, which attracts people to them. They are usually great writers, singers, actors, performers, therapists, healers and life coaches with a unique and creative approach.

stars and sleepings2

Many Stars though, when they are reincarnated into a new body, forget their previous lives and are no longer consciously aware of their true nature. The awareness of being a ‘Star’ often remains buried within their subconscious mind and can remain buried unless reawakened by some external impetus or situation. Stars who have lost this sense of their true identity are often termed ‘Sleepers’ or ‘Sleepings’ by other Stars who instinctively sense their true natures. They know their mission is to spread Light and they try the best they can to help others and make this world a better place.

Stars often feel distanced or isolated from ordinary people because they sense that they are somehow different and often find ‘normal life’ rather mundane and of little interest. Instead they are constantly seeking to acquire more knowledge by using their own senses, intuition and psychic awareness. They can sometimes feel like if they don’t fully belong to this world and find it difficult to conform to the rules of the society they live in. It starts from the problems at school and goes through different kinds of disobedience, including being indifferent or even hostile to authorities and religion. This happens because even Sleeping Stars hold engraved deeply in their mind the memory of the real order and harmony, therefore they find the corrupted human social system disagreeable.

stars and sleepings

Stars are perfectly capable of functioning and existing within the day-to-day world and acting in accordance with the expectations of others, although it doesn’t make them feel happy. Even if they choose a usual mundane career, they always maintain an awareness of their deeper self and find comfort when interacting with other Stars who have a shared sense of identity and bonding. They find their happiness only when they discover their higher calling and act upon it.

Stars and Sleepings3

If this sounds familiar to you, below is some more information to understand your true self.

Stars are here to heal, protect and guide others.

You may be a Sleeping Star, if:

* You have always felt ‘different’ from other people and couldn’t really relate to them

* You had very few or no friends in your childhood and you usually preferred it to be that way – the company of books felt better than the company of people

* You are or have been single for the most of your life, because all relationships with people (whether male or female) always felt somehow ‘wrong’, ’empty’ – and you didn’t know, why. (A Star needs another Star for a partner.)

* You have strange dreams or visions, you can sense things before they happen

* You take keen interest in gems and minerals, and possibly you used to collect them even as a child

* Your level of consciousness is completely unrelated to your age – you have been always described by others as ‘an old head on young shoulders’.

* You’re interested in strange and unusual things, often spiritual or associated with different forms of healing

* You have a talent for writing, singing or composing, you are creative in general

* You take keen interest in astronomy, love spending nights looking at the starry sky as you know most constellations by heart

* You generally look considerably younger than other people of your age

* You love travel beyond everything – especially going to really distant places like India, Japan, South America or Tibet

* Every time you start doing something, you quite effortlessly become the best

* You LOVE learning new things, you keep learning all your life. You also have a better memory than most people you know

* You spend your life in a search of a Direction. Your subconsciousness keeps telling you, that there is something very important you should be doing in your life, but you can’t specify what it is

*People say that they start feeling better when you’re around

* You are literally addicted to books

The real way to happiness is to realise and embrace your real nature. Your life is a quest and therefore finding and following your purpose is the best way to find true fulfillment, a deeper meaning to your existence and true bliss. It’s important to know, that you are not ‘weird’ – you are perfectly normal for your type. Don’t feel guilty for not being able to fit yourself into a human system of values – that is simply the way things are. You are not on your own – you are surrounded by other Stars and Sleepings, who are ready to give you a helping hand.

Our Platinum Mind University has been created to provide guidance, support and information for all seekers on the path and to assist them on their own personal journey to their spiritual destiny.



  1. Jackie says:

    That explains so much, thank you! Could you please write some more posts on the subject? I would like to learn some more, as I feel it really resonates with me.

  2. Celia Tiberio says:


    • Hello Celia, what a beautiful name you have!
      It is important that Stars understand who they really are, because the lack of awareness can often become a source of frustration (causing ‘Why am I not like everyone else around me?’ type of thoughts) and can potentially lead the person astray from his or her life mission.
      We are here to spread the knowledge and offer all help we can.

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