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Our wishes and the process of creating karma

To understand the essence of karma better, we need to look closer at the factors which create chains of events in our life – both welcome and unwelcome.Let’s start with the pleasant events first, those which we perceive as positive. If you think about it for a while, you’ll realise that the number of such events is not at all that small. Usually we hardly notice positive things though – for which our brain is to blame. It’s designed to keep us in a neutral state of the time, without focusing on the positive too much. This state of things is natural and in fact good for us, or otherwise we could get stuck endlessly enjoying one small success and never moving forward. 

Now ask yourself a question – which events do you perceive as positive? Those will be obviously the events which you anticipate or want to happen. Thank means that we only see things as ‘positive’ if they are in tune with our wishes. As a ‘happy life’ we regard a life where our wishes are being fulfilled. That means, that we don’t care about events, no matter how positive they may be, if we didn’t want them consciously or subconsciously to happen at first place. Similarly like a caveman would show no interest in a pile of £50 notes, we simply don’t notice those positive events in our life, which don’t fit into our system of positive values.   

Another important factor is that we naturally don’t just sit back waiting for the good things to happen – we put an effort into bringing them to life, both consciously and subconsciously working towards the desired effect. A good example of such subconscious focus can be a hungry man, who only notices grocery shop windows, or an alcoholic, who always happens to be around where there’s a party going on. Such a person may consciously be against getting drunk and want to break the habit, but his subconsciousness if pushing him every time towards such opportunities. To him such a situation may look like a fate: “wherever I go, they serve me a drink, what can I do..?”

So the system is very simple. We like and enjoy events which we want to happen. And because of the way our mind works, we naturally are attracted towards them – which means that we get just what we want.

Now you probably think – if we always get what we want, how come so many people can’t make true their greatest wishes, which can be usual, standard things, like a happy family, wellbeing, material prosperity… Why is it then, that for many people those simple and quite achievable things forever stay out of reach?

The answer is this.

To make our dream or desire come true, we need to work towards it on both conscious and subconscious levels. To make an event happen, our subconsciousness has to reflect what our conscious mind sets as a goal. If that is not the case, all efforts may come to nothing. 

Below is a example of how it works.

Imagine you are a young lady who wants to start a family. In your mind you have already created a vision of your ideal partner – let’s say, it’s a slim, fit, 5’9 hot brunet, with looks and a charm of a Hollywood star, generous, romantic, caring, non-smoking, perfect lover, rich, clever and loving children… What a wonderful life would that be!

Let’s assume that you’re willing to spend a huge amount of money, asking an exclusive dating agency or a private detective to find you exactly what you want. Even if you spend a few thousands and an agency will finally introduce you to your dream partner – with absolutely all the features you were looking for – if the person doesn’t have the features which your subconscious mind is looking for, you will probably walk away from him, disappointed. Later you may find yourself dating someone who is shorter than you, smokes like a chimney and have no sense of style – but you’ll be the happiest person ever to find someone who you could fall in love with. For some reason, not realised by yourself, your subconsciousness may find the other person much more desirable as a partner, than even the most handsome film star. 

Let’s now stop and think for a minute. What conclusions have we came to? We have now understood something very important – that a wish comes true only if it resonates with all parts of our mind, if it answers the expectations of our whole psyche and energy system. That means that if you can’t achieve what you aspire to, a certain part of your mind (usually your subconsciousness) doesn’t want it! In the other situation, when your dream comes true, but the wish was incongruous (it was only desired by one part of your mind) – such an event will soon give you a feeling of discomfort, protest or even make you seriously unhappy in the end.

[To be continued]


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