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The Supreme Wisdom

One winter night a heavy snowstorm visited in a province where stood a temple. In the morning, adepts with great difficulties made their way through the waist-deep snow into the meditation hall. The teacher started his speech with the words:
“Could you tell me, please, what one should do in our circumstances?”An adept said:
“We should pray for the weather to get warmer.”

Another one replied:
“We should just stay in our cells and wait for the snowstorm to pass.”

The third one said:
“He who has discovered the supreme wisdom should not be worried about the snow of the lack of it.”

Then the teacher said:
“Alright, now listen to me…”

All adepts went quiet, preparing themselves to hear the greatest truth.

The teacher looked at them all, sighed and said:
“Pick up your spades and get moving!”


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