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Let’s Leave at the Dawn

Another nice song by Tem Greenhill.

Let’s leave at the dawn

Let’s leave this place at the dawn                     G#m          C#
Heading east, south or west – I don’t care F#    Bm        H
I’m just tired of withering here,   C#
Drinking wine and growing grey hair.

While the pilgrim walks forth, while the bird knows its song,      F#  C#                 F#  C#
This world’ll be going on, it will be keeping strong          F#  C#               F#  C#7
If you have lofty goals and your faith doesn’t fail            F#  C#7                F#  C#7
Our path will be light and the truth will prevail.             F#  C#              F#

Let’s lose our lives in a war
While defending the last shelter’s gate.
Proudly standing back to back as we swore
In the uneven fight we’ll meet our fate.

Till our virtue is strong and our steel cold and bare
There’ll be a fight till the end and the victory’ll be fair.
With the banner in hand, death will be gentle like sleep
And all hardened blood the river will sweep.

Or let’s forever stay here
And keep the restless fire bright
Our cloaks will wilt on the nails
While we’ll share sorrow by candlelight.

That our spring has long past and the battle was in vain…
But once I’ll wake up febrile on a night full of rain
And my fingers’ll touch strings bringing back dreams forlorn.
And I’ll say: You know what? Let us leave at the dawn.


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