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I’ll explain to you…

A song by Tem Greenhill – one of the best minstrels known these days.

I’ll explain to you…

I’ll explain to you [Em Em/F# (bass на 4th string )]
How silver is melted by fire [Em4 Em]
How the soul over sparkles at night [Em Em/F#]
With the tears of the rain is crying. [Em4 Em]
How the heart’s beating like a star [G D]
But the name, faded into silence [Am Em]
Will start yet another grief [C D]
And a path of a thousand miles…  Em

You don’t seem to realise
But you are too late again.
The fire diving us
I tried to stifle in vain.
I knew you would come to me;
Your soul and my soul are so close.
And rain is rustling on leaves
Disturbing their bitter repose.

Please, don’t charge into the fire –
You can’t help me anymore.
Night has responded my call
And it’s taking me back to its shore.
Straight from the morning to dark
Drawn by a sword is my trail…
I’m following it barefoot
Into a different tale.

Listen it here.


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