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Do You Secretly Feel Like Nobody Really Understands You?

We all meet people who seems to be ‘strangers’ – they think originally, behave differently and don’t seem to ‘fit in’ in many social situations. Sometimes they seem to be lost in their own world and sometimes make an impression of someone who is lonely. You probably know a guy who at a party would be sitting with his book in a corner or a girl who is secretly collecting strange artifacts and would rather stay at home sketching than join acquaintances at a pub. (more…)


Stand And Fight! Negative Entity Removal DIY

When under a draining negative influence, it is always much easier to deal with it through getting qualified help.

However, sometimes you may find yourself in circumstances where you have no access to external resources and have to rely solely on yourself.

I have put together a few effective first aid techniques, which will help you to alleviate the symptoms of overshadowing and some of them can actually drive the negative entity away for good! (more…)

12 Simple Self-Diagnosis Techniques – How To Tell If You Have Been Attacked By An Entity

Let’s face it – these days we are more exposed to negative energies than our ancestors have ever been. What is more, we seem to have less tools is our arsenal to protect ourselves than they did. This is why a surprising number of people is being affected by negative attacks of some kind, which in our society are often neglected until the situation gets really bad.

To get attacked you don’t have to be involved in any occult activities, magic orders and so like. Energy parasites are very common, they are pretty much like ordinary vermin, hovering about freely. That means that you can catch them in the street, on the bus or talking to the people affected – their spread is similar to those of bacteria in that sense.

The lack of knowledge about the subject often leads people to mistakenly label the symptoms of overshadowing (overshadowing means that a person has a negative energy parasite attached to him, but it is not yet a full-blown possession case) as mental diseases, which is not helping victims at all. Spiritual sources introduce even more confusion, by trying to classify indiscriminately all energy-related issues as the ‘kundalini syndrome’.

Once you know the facts through, no one will be able to fool or confuse you. Below are listed the most typical symptoms of an entity attack. (more…)

The Importance of Breathing

Many are already aware of the importance of pranayama – the technique of conscious breathing. It is a key skill to learn if you want to meditate effectively, increase your energy level and strengthen your aura. (more…)

Spiritual Rules for Star Warriors

Spiritual Rules - The Commandments

These spiritual rules are uncovered and published online for the first time. (more…)

According To Your Faith Let It Be Unto You

Did you ever wonder, why, despite the multitude of religions, cults and different schools of thought – which purportedly lead us in one way or another to the promised ‘salvation’ – many people are not living as happy and fulfilled lives as they would like to?


How to protect yourself and your home from negative influences

Following these simple advices you can minimise the influence of negative energies on your life. You will be amazed what a great difference to your wellbeing remembering these very basic rules can make.


How To Recognise Your Soulmate

Many people are starting to realise that to achieve real happiness they need to find their ‘second half’ – not just a partner, but their real soulmate.

I noticed that the available information about soulmates is scarce and somewhat confusing, if not contradictory, so I think it would be useful to have a clear reliable guide for those who are looking for their true love.

soulm (more…)